Join our Scamper Squad

As a member of the Scamper Squad you will help spread awareness about Summer Scamper and help us make our race day a success.

You can be a Scamper Squad member and help us:

• Pass out flyers to your friends, work, school, religious organization, gym, or local coffee shop.

• Thank the Scamper community.

• Engage your networks in Summer Scamper, using our easy-peasy social media strategy.

• Improve by providing feedback post-race.

• Get your friends and family as excited for race day as you are!

As a Scamper Squad member, you’ll receive:

• Scamper flyers for you to post around your community.

• Giveaways, such as stickers, for you to share with friends and family.

• An exclusive E-Toolkit.

• Scamper swag for you to enjoy.

• A personal promo code for you to share with your followers on social media.

• Exclusive VIP race day perks.

• Scamper Squad members who get 15 or more people to sign up will receive discounted race entry to our 2020 Scamper!

Our Scamper Squad Program is open to all age groups and we are happy to validate service hours.

Apply to be a Scamper Squad member below or contact to learn more.

Notice: Scamper Squad members are not employees, freelancers, or contractors. They are purely volunteers. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind. Members serve March-July and are encouraged to reapply for future years.

Scamper Squad Member Application

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