Kids' Fun Run

The kids’ fun run, sponsored by Hercules Capital,  will take place on the Cobb Track by the Family Festival. You can’t miss it!

9:30 a.m.       Ages 3-4, 200-yard run
9:50 a.m.       Ages 5-6, 400-yard run
10:00 a.m.    Ages 7-8, 600-yard run
10:10 a.m.     Ages 9-10, half-mile run

This year’s kids’ fun run is new and improved!

Races will be staged in waves and all kids will get a chance to run. Parents, we love your enthusiasm and encourage you to cheer for your kids on the sidelines at the “Parent Paparazzi Zone.” For kids ages 3-4, feel free to run alongside them if you would like. For children ages 5-10, please designate a spot off to the side for your kids to meet you after their run. We will have signs for a “Parent Reunite Zone” near the exit.

All kids’ fun run participants are #1 in our eyes, and will receive a medal for their efforts! Afterward, kids can keep their energy up at the Family Festival with more fun activities just for kids.

Please note, all minors require consent from a legal guardian and must be accompanied by an adult. Due to campus regulations, no strollers are allowed inside the kids’ fun run area.